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About Us

About Us
As a leading organic energy beverage company, we strive to offer the best delicious drink. We travel extensively across the globe to collect premium 100 % natural ingredient to manufacture our products. We are the foremost producers of Bonkers Energy range of Nutritional Drinks operating from San Jose, California. Given below are some vital facts about us.
Some Noteworthy benefits
Being conscious of our about us details will help you to know the immense benefits which you can gain by using our products
• Our broad array of products offer excellent nourishing energy. We are very much concerned about our users’ well being. We use only the premium ingredients in all our products. Including our organic energy drink in your daily diet improves your vigor and potency.
• We are stringent against the use of artificial flavors, artificial colors or artificial preservatives. We use 100% natural and eco friendly ingredients.
• Another about us information you must be aware of are all our organic drinks are manufactured from raw vegetables & fruits with a few natural vitamins guarantee the finest quality and health.
• Our appropriate blend of organic component offers you a constant energy enhancement. Dissimilar to the other conventional drinks our energy ingredients are not artificial and are purely organic. Another vital information about us is by using our bonkers energy drink, you can avert the “rush & crush “which are pertinent to the other energy drinks.
• Other about us details you must be aware of are our organic energy drinks have less fat and calories.. They are high in vitamins, fiber & minerals and helps in improving the overall health of the kids and grownups.
• Our products are reasonably priced and available in all leading outlets.
Which is the ideal time, to drink our drink?
Our about us particulars will help you to know the appropriate time to use our drink
• Morning: you can kick start your day drinking our energy drink. This is an important about us facts you must be aware of.
• Afternoon: Taking a sip of our revitalizing drink will assist you to cruise through the sluggish afternoon slump .
• Exercise: Another about us information you can have our energy drink during your regular workouts and thereby get an additional energy boost prior to and subsequent to your workouts.
• Evening: serves as a delectable mixer drink to chill out during your evening time.
Hope, we briefed you about us, about our product in an extensive manner. Start using our products to keep yourself energized & motivated for the entire day.

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