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Gift Cards

Gift cards

All of us wish to obtain & provide gift cards for extraordinary events. We accept all kinds of gift cards. If you happen to be an individual who is 18 or above 18 years of age, then you can make use of the gift card as payment choice. Some individual feel insecure when they carry too much cash in hand as they fear of getting robbed or losing their hard earned money. Moreover it makes you sense hard & tired. You can avert this problem by using  gift cards. These cards serve as an excellent and secure payment choice. With these cards, you can procure any of your preferred Bonkers merchandise.

How to get our gift cards?

From time to time we provide free gift cards. Taking part in our trade show, promotional events, and survey will help you to get our free gift cards. You will be requested to answer some question and providing the appropriate answer will help you to get a gift card. Apart from our gift cards you can also use other gift cards presented by your friends or relatives.

What happen if you have misplaced or lost your gift card

We value and respect our customers. In case if you have lost our gift cards, then do not fret, we provide you a new card. All you have to do is furnish a receipt confirming your last purchase that you made from our outlet.

Present our gift cards to your friend and dear ones is a perfect way of showing your affection towards them. With our gift cards,the recipient can enjoy our nutritious product and thereby lead a healthy and blissful life. Moreover, they can make a considerable savings on their hard earned money when they use our gift cards.

So add spice to your life by giving or using our free gift cards and start enjoying our energized drinks.

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